People are increasingly demanding high-end, custom designs for their indoor and outdoor swimming pools. They often ask for straight and minimalist lines, balanced proportions and stylish colours and materials. Plus they want maximum functionality for a swimming pool that will be far more than just a “basin full of water”.

Pool design today requires unique concepts that can stand up to daily use. They need usage concepts that vary depending on whether you want to swim long laps in peace, would like an active fitness pool, or a pool that’s fun for the whole family. A concept for fun and function with steps that are not just for getting in and out of the pool, but also perhaps massage seating and a shallow water lounge, counter-current swimming, massage technologies, or air-jetted beds. An ambience package with special lighting and sound equipment.

MLine pools are formed from a shell made of several layers of epoxy acrylate reinforced with fibreglass. Then the mosaic or stone surface is likewise laid on an epoxy resin and then grouted in place.
The result: a homogeneous structure that is no longer separable, thus offering excellent elasticity. This makes it possible to add mosaic surfaces in the factory and transport the finished pool over long distances by lorry. That’s our concept of today’s prefabricated swimming pools: chic in design with everything a swimming pool needs. Individually designed to just the way you want it. Completely manufactured in our factory thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

An energy-saving concept ranging from highly efficient insulation to solar covers. And, of course, a safety concept that takes into account all aspects from sure-footed steps to childproof covers.

All of these elements combined in a bold, stylish look and adapted to your needs and circumstances: that’s what the MLine offers.


We are over the moon with our brand new garden and leisure area. We can honestly say the finished results have exceeded our expectations.
Mr and Mrs Bassnett - Cheadle
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